Weddings at St Mary's

A church is a place of love. The love of God and the love of a community for one another and for God. It is a perfect place to get married and we hope that you will choose to affirm your love for each other in the presence of God and in his house.  We very much hope that we can help you do this at St Mary’s where we have been conducting weddings for centuries. 

The main consideration in choosing where to get married is where you live. If you live in the Beaconsfield parish, you are entitled to be married at St Mary’s, or either of the other two Church of England churches in Beaconsfield, St Michael’s or St Thomas’s.  

If you do not live in Beaconsfield, there are still a number of reasons why you could be married here, such as living here in the past, or having had family married or christened at St Mary’s, so it is always worth asking if you can be married here.  There are nearly always ways in which we can say ‘yes’!

If either or both of you have been married before, you will need to come and speak the rector, explaining a little of your circumstances, before we can confirm whether your wedding can go ahead.  

As well as conducting formal weddings, where we act as Registrar for the state in completing the legal formalities, we can also have a Blessing service for you.  Frequently, wedding venues give you the chance to have the legal ceremony there but couples also want a Christian blessing as part of the day.  We would love to help you with that too. 

To find out more, email the office or phone 01494 676690 and we will hope to help you get things booked.

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