Music in Beaconsfield

Welcome to the Beaconsfield Team Churches music project! 

Jubilee 2022 concert

The team churches have a strong musical, in particular choral tradition and we are developing a vision and plan to use music more ambitiously to spread the message of God in Beaconsfield.

We have a vibrant repertoire of music and hold regular concerts and events for music lovers, whether you enjoy being part of the audience or getting involved with music making, there is something for everyone. We are also in the process of fundraising for our pipe organ restoration; if you would like to help us with this project, please get in touch with us here.


Want to hear us sing? You can listen to St Mary's Choir sing here. We are always looking for singers to join our church choirs, to find out more here

Our latest newsletter

Once a quarter we publish our newsletter with details of what's coming up and how you can get involved. Between January and April 2023, we have a number of concerts and music festivals. We've also published the anthems that will be performed during Holy Week and Easter ranging from Farrant to Chilcott.  Find out more about what's happening this quarter here


What's coming up around Beaconsfield?

January recital